Finalists FAD Awards Architecture category!

FAD 2020

The jury of the FAD Awards made up of Anna Ramos and the members Atxu Amann, Cristina Bestratén, Tomás López Amat, David Morros and Marc Aureli Santos, has selected our Hut for the weekend as a Finalist work in the Architecture category. Very grateful to the jury for having chosen this work. Congratulations to the rest of the selected and finalists!

Jury evaluation:

“Context. On the banks of the river Segre, in La Cerdanya. Minimal plot context, prefabricated wooden houses “chalet style” next to caravans and their many extensions. History. Mountain caravanning campsite – refuge for the weekend, made in a workshop and placed on site. Exploration of the minimal prefabricated house, of low environmental and economic cost, which focuses on the quality of both the object and the architectural space. It also pays attention to the interior-exterior relationship, including intermediate transition situations, and to the unique but well-contextualized textures and finishes with the environment. Interesting rereading of the program, scalable and perhaps applicable to emergencies. “