We have finished the temporary Viewer of the Basilica de la Merced Niche

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In front of a closed door it seems difficult to guess what exists on the other side of the wall. In front of a wide open door, there is a certain invitation to go on. As an opportunity to negotiate through the gap, what occurs on both sides of the wall.

What happens to a half-open door?

A situation in which there is the possibility of achieving something is created, but still unachievable. You get to intuit a new situation on the other side, where there is always a missing step to really reach. Guess one way in which the intrigue accompanies any spontaneous visitor until the last moment. Just at that instant, in maximum suspense, it is revealed what’s on the other side.

Just what this commission pursued, to ensure the temporary “viewer” to the Basilica de la Merced niche, that could offer the opportunity to reveal part of what until now was restricted to public viewing.


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