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The intervention is located on the ground floor of a residential complex located in  “Les Corts” district of Barcelona. A place where the totality of the available surface was built. A site in which the interior free spaces disappeared and as a result a set of numerous small patios appeared in order to guarantee minimum hygienic conditions.

It was the intention to win at any price a few meters more on the ground floor, which turned these interstitial spaces into self-constructed covered surfaces. It was also the bad execution that accompanied this praxis, which nullify the original meaning of illuminating and ventilating the darkest spaces through these useful pieces.

Thus, little by little, the unhealthiness would arrive. Later the abandonment.

The opportunity to appropriate again this  very often forgotten residual situation was considered, taking advantage of the need to implement a flexible housing program of thirty-five square meters in this context.

In this way a sanitary wooden floor is installed which, in continuity with vertical concrete block walls, creates a shared air chamber with cross ventilation to control the humidity of the ground floor. This concrete wall also works as support for a more private mezzanine that ventilates a possible bedroom through the main façade. Then a very useful double circulation facilitates the installation of a small kitchen in the middle of the space that, depending on the needs of its use, this space can easily become a second room with individual access. A border birch wood box containing a whole wet program appears in space housing and converges to the outside. Also a translucent polycarbonate box appropriates again a bare well that once again thrills the interior experience vividly. Regaining again the original meaning of the rediscovered courtyard. Putting it back into action.